Powerful and Passionate Flamenco

Being listed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010, Flamenco is one of the most fascinating dances in the world. It allows the dancer to feel and express emotions like no other. From grief and sensuous laments to joy and deepest affection – Flamenco has it all. Infusing Spanish folklore with sounds from the Levant, North Africa and India, Flamenco music was popularised in the late 18th and early 19th centuries in western Andalucía.

Where we go

Our dance travels bring you to one of its hotbeds, Seville – a bastion of Roma people and their music at the time and a city that continues to stand at the vanguard of the vital and precious art of Flamenco. Other Flamenco hotspots, like Jerez or Cadiz, are also on our itinerary.

Our groups

are small (maximum size 10 participants), accompanied by a special guide to ensure a truly unique and personalised experience. All our accommodations are hand-picked, high-classed hotels, making you feel at ease while relaxing from the rhythm of your journey.

What you can look forward to

At the heart of your programme are our high-standard, tailor-made workshops, led by internationally renowned and prestigious Flamenco dancers and teachers. There you will plunge deeply into the heart and soul of Flamenco – improving your dance style but also getting into close touch with all the other essential elements, like compass (rhythm) and the chant (singing). You will also be practising for a particular highlight, which marks the end of each workshop: a joint spectacle on stage, accompanied by professional life singers and guitarists! All performances are conducted in an authentic and professional ambiance.

In your free time

and at night you will explore the legendary Flamenco scene of Seville with us – its famous Tablao – big venues, offering spectacular, highly choreographed extravaganzas of music and dance – as well as small and very authentic bars, very often only known to locals. We make you explore cultural institutes, offer you private conversation and meeting opportunities with flamenco artists and experts and the profound knowledge of our flamencologue. The programme is complemented by culinary highlights, such as Spanish gourmet dinners, vine and tapas tastings and voluntary workshops and excursions.

Our next trip

Danse, Compás, Chant, Spectacle

Unique Flamenco dancing
experience in Sevilla

Upon demand

Level: Beginners and Intermediate
(0-3 years of dancing experience)

  • With international renowned dancer and teacher Kuky Santiago
  • Accommodation in a beautiful 4*Hotel
  • Flamenco, music and cultural events
  • Exclusive guided tours and excursions
  • Gourmet dinners and Paella workshop
  • Tapas and vine degustation and many more…

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