Dancing to the beat of life –
This is what we stand for!

Dancing for us is much more than steps, turns and routines. Dancing is a deep and lifelong passion. It heats up our heart, inflates our soul and heightens our spirit. It is, in fact, a way of feeling and living up to the innumerable beats of life itself – on and off the dance floor. Dancing has no borders. It crosses genres, styles, cultures, language barriers and emotions. For us at Akosia, dancing is a holistic experience – and we want to share it with you in a unique way. Dancing with Akosia means to go further. To step beyond the dancing class. To feel the cultures, traditions, histories, stories and people behind the rhythm. Around the globe, but off the beaten track.

Our mission is to provide you with these exclusive, memorable dancing opportunities that let you irresistibly fall in love with the universe of dancing. Just like we have.

Follow the rhythm and travel the world – Here is what you get:

Experiencing world class Flamenco in Sevilla, dancing Salsa or Afro-Cuban dances with professionals in Havanna, perform Tango in the most authentic way in Buenos Aires or stepping up to African rhythms in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Ethiopia or somewhere else on this fascinating continent – such unique and unforgettable dancing experiences is what you are looking for?

Here you go: Akosia makes you dance and travel the world. You follow the rhythms and stories of each dance, explore the countries of their origin, feel their historical cultural, social and political background. And above all, you share your passion with local dancers in an authentic ambiance – at the dance floor, on stage or even in the streets. Our travels include dance lessons, joint performing, cultural and social side events, genuine accommodations, local dishes and more – all adding up to an exclusive and unique journey into the world of moves and music.

And we are even stepping further, by continuously looking for new experiences and less known dances – like for example Frevo, the beautiful and dynamic sister of Brazilian Samba. You learn more about such gems and findings in our Specials section. There we also inform you about new partners and projects. And finally, Akosia wants to grant you that little Extra Touch – useful outfits and accessories, which let your life on the dance floor swinging. And make your smile even brighter.

A brand that bridges – AKOSIA

We love beautiful names and we love to build bridges. Akosia has it all. It is the Ghanian name for a girl born on a Sunday. No wonder that we immediately fell in love with this name and chose it for our branding. Monika Hoegen, founder of “Akosia Dancing”, was born on a Sunday herself. She already knew (and felt it during her travels around the globe) that being born on a Sunday means to have plenty of chances and good luck in life. But she only knew about her African name a few years ago, when she spent her birthday in Ghana – a country that she loves and knows very well. And guess what? That very day also happened to be a Sunday. Akosia therefore has a positive and joyful meaning in many ways. For German-born Monika, Akosia also symbolises the bridge between her Western identity and her “Southern” soul and heart – a heart very much beating to African and many other sun-blessed rhythms.

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