Elegant and Seductive

Latin American countries are known for their amplitude of sweeping and alluring dances. Salsa, Cumbia, Samba, Merengue, Bachata, but also Tango, Rumba, Cha-Cha… the list of rhythms and varieties seems endless. Yet, these dances are almost unanimously characterized by a highly sensual attitude between the dancing partners, making them twist and turn in seductive and amorous ways.

You are already captivated by the charm of these dances?
Then let us make you feel your Latin Love even deeper.

Where we go

Like dances anywhere else in the world, Latin American dances are deeply rooted in their historical, cultural and social environments. That’s why, for you to really feel that overall sensation beyond just learning steps and routines, our travels bring you to the countries where the dances come from. Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Brazil – Akosia offers you a wide range of destinations to live and sense your Latin Love.

Our groups

are small (maximum size 10 participants), accompanied by a special guide to ensure a truly unique and personalised experience. All our accommodations are hand-picked, high-classed hotels, making you feel at ease while relaxing from the rhythm of your journey.

What you can look forward to

Once on the dance floor in your favourite Latin Hot-Spot, you will be guided by our highly professional, outstanding teachers and artists – very often celebrities in their home countries and beyond. Their classes and workshops are unique, surely off the beaten track and available for different levels. Furthermore, they have that holistic learning approach, that make you understand not only the rhythms and moves of your particular dance but also their social, cultural – and, yes, sometimes even political background.

In Buenos Aires, for example, we bring you in touch with El Indio, one of our favourite teachers. This extraordinary dancer is not only familiar with the elegant Milongas in his home town but dedicates his talent and passion to less touristic – and officially less supported – outdoor events in the city’s more popular neighbourhoods. Thus, going out and dancing with people like El Indio and other local Akosia partners will help you to explore Tango and many other beloved Latin dances in that particular way, you can hardly find anywhere else.

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