Sunny and Dynamic

When it comes to music and dance, surely Africa is one of the richest continents. African dances are traditionally routed in rituals and ceremonies, be it salutation, initiation, competition, love and relationship and even funerals. In any case, they consist of highly dynamic movements, inseparably entangled in the accompanying beats of drums and percussion. And whether it comes to traditional forms, like Yankadi, Macru and Yanbara, or more modern varieties of African dances like the Ghanaian High Life or the Senegalese Mbalax – they all play an inevitable role in people’s daily lives.

A specific kind are the dances dedicated to Orishas, gods and goddesses of various indigenous African religions, which historically, alongside slavery and migration, have also made their way to other places on the globe, such as Cuba and Brazil.

Plunge with us into this world of sunny and energetic dances – and an exclusive cultural adventure beyond compare.

Where we go

You can explore the richness of African dances by going to various places with us. We bring you to some Abidjan neighbourhood to perform together with the young and enthusiastic dancers of the Ivorian National Ballet. We take you on a special journey to Uganda, where traditional rhythms meet the break dance vibes of today. Or we make you step into breath-taking and incomparable Ethiopian dances, like Eskista, in Addis Ababa – to name just a few.

Together, we also go a step further and plunge into the universe of Afro-Cuban dances – moving to all those fascinating beats and rhythms, which have made their way from Mother Africa to the Caribbean Island. Those sounds, beats and rhythms are unalterably vivid in Cuba – and in constant exchange with their more “Latin” sisters, like Salsa, Son and Rumba.

What you can look forward to

No matter, what your dancing level is – you will enjoy unique, dynamic and insightful workshops, conducted by high-professional dancers and teachers in their countries of origin. You will have the chance to perform on stage together with local professionals and, in many occasions, accompanied by live music. You will also plunge into the vivid day-to-day dancing culture in African countries and in Cuba – joining locals of all ages and dancing with them in their neighbourhood, in the streets, during their festivals.

Alongside with the dancing, our journey will give you a first-hand experience of local cultures, traditions and history as well as the social and political environment of your destination. Thanks to our multiple networks and contacts in Africa and Cuba, you will have the chance to meet extraordinary and interesting people, musicians, artists, dancers, social workers, local politicians, youth representatives and many more, and get into a direct conversation with them. We can offer you exclusive opportunities to visit development projects, cultural and other activities on the spot – personalised for you, off the tourist-track, yet under safe and convenient circumstances.

Our accommodations

feature high-standard hotels, apartments or private villas – all in unique settings and with a genuine ambiance embracing local African or Afro-Cuban culture and hospitality. All this is, of course, accompanied by local dishes, fine dinings and tastings, as well as further culinary adventures, such as cooking workshops. Welcome to luxury in its best sense: a most unique journey into the world of African and Afro Cuban moves and music.

Our groups

are small (maximum size 10 participants), accompanied by a special guide to ensure a truly unique and personalised experience. All our accommodations are hand-picked, high-classed hotels, making you feel at ease while relaxing from the rhythm of your journey.

Our next trip

Vibrant, changing and ever-lasting

CUBA’s rhythm anno 2019

Featuring: Afro-Cuban Dance Festival, 13.04–17.04.2019

12.04.19 – 26.04.2019

Level: All Levels

One trip, two options!

12. – 18. April: Participating in the Havana programme, i.e. AfroCuban Dance Festival plus cultural and social side events , (7 days, 6 nights): 1598,00 Euro

12. – 26. April: Joining us for the whole trip: i.e. Havana programme with AfroCuban Dance Festival/social and cultural side events and then trip to Trinidad and or/Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba , with cultural and musical programme, first-hand dance experiences and direct and very personal encounters with renowned artists and musicians (14 days, 13 nights): 2395,00 Euro.

Both offers include:

  • Workshop wth charismatic and internationally renowned dancing teacher Luanda Pau
  • Full-time participation at Afro-Cuban Dance Festival, 12.04–16.04.2019
  • Accommodation in high-standard private apartments or middle/upper class hotels
  • Cultural and social side events

Offer 2 additionally includes:

  • Trip to Santiago de Cuba
  • 3–4 days Dance Workshop
  • Exclusive encounter with director and members of professional dance company KOKOYÉ
  • Social and cultural programme in Santiago
  • Optional: Additional trips to touristic highlights on the island (Trinidad, Pinar del Rio, Baracoa)*

*Offers do not include flights – leaving you with all the flexibility to book your arrival and return to and from Cuba upon your own convenience and availability. In case, you need support or advise concerning flights you can nevertheless let us know and we are happy to help.

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